Developing the freedom to trade and realize value.

At Globalive Technology, we envision a frictionless commercial ecosystem. One in which anyone can transact freely anywhere around the globe, no matter the medium.

  • Jeffery Lin

    Jeffery Lin


    Building software from the first line of coding isn’t an opportunity you come across too many times in a career. I’m super excited to be here at the inception with an amazing leadership team backing us up!
  • Smitha Victorsam

    Smitha Victorsam


    The flexibility and fast pace that comes with my job at Globalive Technology is unmatched, and every day I get to work with amazing team members. There is a constant passion to innovate, learn, and perform meaningful work.
  • Hesham Mahrous

    Hesham Mahrous


    Daniel Bell once said, ‘Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.’ At Globalive Technology, we have the freedom to design innovative ways of solving real business problems.
  • Sujanthini Rathnapala

    Sujanthini Rathnapala


    Everyone working here always has a smile on their face. I am working with professionals that I can learn a lot from and they encourage me to take on new and challenging opportunities.

What Globalive Technology Values

We’re building valuable products and solutions from inception. We’re excited to leverage a wide range of technologies to bring our visions to life.

We’re a collaborative and creative team with diverse experience. We encourage an open door environment for discussion and thought leadership from across our team.

We’re a supportive group that tackles challenges together and holds one another accountable. We work hard as well as smart, and make sure to recognize the passion and effort of our people.

Open Positions

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